A range of lessons to suit musicians of all types and ages

Guitar lessons will be tailor-made according to what you’d like to learn, your ability and your musical taste. They can be taken either on your own, or paired with a friend or relative. Lessons are held Face to Face, or if you prefer, on Zoom.

If you’re not sure which type of guitar you’d like to learn, this may help you.


Enjoy life on the louder side? Prefer the sound of distortion to the soft sounds of the Acoustic guitar? Want to be the next Hendrix, Clapton, BB King or John Mayer? Want to learn so you can form a band with your mates? Or maybe you just want to learn how to play a few songs. Either way, it sounds like youʼre looking for Electric guitar lessons.


Want to learn a few chords, start finger picking or play blues slide guitar? For the more mellow of the guitarists out there, or perhaps for the singer-songwriter inside you waiting to be released, why not take an Acoustic guitar lesson and see what all the fuss is about.


For those of you who prefer the deeper sounds of a guitar! Want to learn how to play a walking bass line? Does your mate’s band need a bassist to lock-in with the drummer and create a solid rhythm section? Perhaps you want to learn how to play SLAP BASS and be the next Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers). Let’s stop the shortage of bassists in the world.

1 on 1 Lessons

Particularly if you are a beginner, private one on one lessons are highly recommended. It is important that you learn the correct way to handle the guitar from day one and that you do not slip into any bad habits!

Lessons usually last for 30 minutes or 1 hour, and are taught between the hours of 10:30am to 7pm (Monday – Wednesday). Lessons are tailor-made to suit your individual needs, leaving you with a practice task to take home and work on. No, it’s not like school, but working on what you have learnt from the lesson in your own time will help speed up your playing ability.

Examples of beginner/intermediate techniques vary from learning basic chords, to finger exercises, to reading ‘TAB’, and most importantly… learning your favourite songs!

Enjoy your first private one on one guitar lesson with Adam for FREE!

Paired Lessons

Want to learn how to play the guitar but feel a bit worried? No worries! First of all, that is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about. Why not join up with a friend for support – and cheaper lessons!

Paired lessons are especially popular with couples too, just please don’t fall out in our lesson! Couples find Adam’s lessons extremely helpful to break up the mundane week and gives them something to work on together at home too.

Record a song during your guitar lesson!

Want to record a song you’ve learnt during your instrumental lessons? Sure! Adam has composed and recorded music that has appeared on TV shows in USA and Japan, and in retail outlets across Europe. What’s more, Adam has all the equipment required in the same studio he teaches in, so you can just plug in and record!

What the students say:

  • I’m a singer and wanted to learn guitar so I could accompany myself and within 5 months of having lessons with Adam, I got my first gig in which I fully accompanied myself on guitar! Adam is very patient, relaxed and will adapt lessons to suit your needs. I honestly wouldn't go to anyone else. 

  • I have been studying guitar with Adam for 3 years now and it has been a wonderful experience to say the least! He is extremely enthusiastic and tailors the lessons specifically to me by teaching me how to play pieces from the genres I listen to. He continually pushes me to try new methods and expand my playing techniques through the fun exercises he sets, it has been a pleasure to attend my lessons.

  • I have been having lessons with Adam since I was 9 years old, I'm now nearly 15. His lessons are always fun and he is very good at suggesting what songs to teach me and will always listen and help me with my own guitar ideas too! I learn Electric and also Acoustic guitar with Adam.

  • I have been learning acoustic and electric guitar with Adam for over 2 years now and always look forward to my lessons. Adam is a superb teacher and he really knows how to support and get the best out of his students (not to mention that he has the patience of a saint!). Adam will set you new challenges and knows exactly how to guide you through your tricky patches. I wish I hadn’t left it this long to start!  THANK YOU ADAM! :)

  • Thank you for having Holden for his first 'Band Skills' Workshop at the weekend, he absolutely loved it! We loved hearing the finished song afterwards too on MP3. He is very interested in doing this again, well done, very organised and positive, let us know about any future events!

  • My son went to his first electric guitar lesson with Adam the week before lockdown. Rhys struggles with autism related anxiety and for a long time has been unable to access mainstream education. Adam’s approach to teaching is relaxed, friendly, and understanding and I can honestly say my son has learnt more in these short months that in years at school. The lessons are tailored to meet the needs and musical taste of the student and as a result I have seen my son thriving and confident for the first time in years, his ability as a new guitarist surprises everyone. Adam has dealt with lockdown with the upmost professionalism and even as we transition back to the studio every possible safety aspect has been thought of. Adam has true compassion and understanding when dealing with my sons needs and is excellent at communication between lessons to discuss what Rhys’s requirements or worries may be. If you’ve ever wondered about learning to play the guitar.. definitely speak to Adam, I am so grateful to have found such an amazing teacher

  • Adam is very friendly, he explains how to play guitar in a really great way because you can understand it. I think I’m doing really well at guitar, when it comes to learning something this is the thing I’ve done the best at, and I really want to learn and play guitar and have fun. At my first lesson I learnt power chords which helped me learn a lot of my favourite songs. I would recommend Adam to everyone because when you get to know him you know you’ll have a lot of fun, and he understands people really well. I wish my lessons could carry on for days!

  • I started learning Bass with Adam in 2017. I was a complete novice yet, five years later, I’m a busy, gigging musician in a semi-pro band and have finally realised my dream. With Adam’s help I’ve achieved my goal of playing live. His patience, understanding, motivation and guidance have been key in this journey. I wouldn’t be where I was without Adam.


Workshops: Band Skills and Songwriting

Adam’s popular Group Workshops are held in Easter, Summer and Christmas periods and last for 2 hours per session. You can choose either Band Skills or Songwriting. These are unique, creative sessions for groups of 3 students at a time. Led by expert tutors, you will meet like-minded musicians of a similar ability, develop and gain confidence in a group environment, make the most of using industry standard equipment, and most importantly… Rock Out!